VeenendaalCave, Inc. is an Atlanta-based interior design firm providing a full range of interior planning and design services to corporate office, healthcare and industrial clients throughout the United States. We constantly strive to improve upon our design service delivery and think pro actively on behalf of our clients. This approach has allowed us to build strong, long term alliances with corporations and developers who recognize the value we bring to their endeavors.

Organization is truly an institution at VeenendaalCave. Our clients praise it and our employees revel in it. Continuously improved over thousands of projects, our systematic process makes us different - and better. It enables us to set the bar higher - so you get superior results.



Word Origin: 1985, Dutch-American

Veen•en•daal•Cave (veen en dahl keyv)

1. the joining of the firm's two principals' last names [Christine Veenendaal and Ed Cave]

2. the application of intelligence and creativity to workplace environments [office and industrial]

3. an understanding of the office environment's impact on branding, work process, retention and recruiting

4. a combination of professionalism and energy applied to businesses resulting in a positive transformation [better workplace]

enhance amplify harness advancement enrichment.
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Or you can simply call us VCave, we're good with that too!


The firm, originally formed in May 1985 by founders Robert F. Smith and Edward A. Cave, was first known as SmithCave & Associates and operated from offices at 1275 Peachtree Street in the Midtown district of Atlanta, Georgia. Significant early clients included Trust Company Bank (now SunTrust) and AT&T.

In anticipation of Smith's impending retirement, Cave brought Christine Veenendaal onboard in 1995 and in 1997 she became a stockholding Principal of the company. Smith retired on April 1, 1998 leaving two partners, Cave as President and Veenendaal as Executive Vice President.

On February 1, 2000, the company name was changed to VeenendaalCave, Inc. to better reflect current ownership. On November 15, 2002 the firm relocated to The Proscenium at 1170 Peachtree Street and today, occupies 24,715 square feet of office space on the 17th floor. On December 1, 2008, Jeanette Meyers and Mark Schroeder became additional stockholding Principals of the company.