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We had the best one, that will be the 3rd Amendment, which no body appears to understand, that will be you can not quarter a soldier in a personal house in period of peace.

And We experienced a number of other activities. We stated, “You don’t want the administration quartering security to rest in your living space.”

We experienced many of these and I also said, “Why is it you desire each one of these liberties into the Bill of Rights with this campus, regardless if it theoretically does not use, however the one right you’re therefore eager and willing to offer up are your free message liberties?” We said, “Why is the fact that?” We stated, “Maybe it is because with this campus, you have got power and so your speech isn’t going to be stifled. But get outside those gates and you know what? That’s Trump nation, and you also wonder why the nation—or at the very least half the nation—voted like that even if you don’t understand anyone whom voted for him.”

We stated, “So if you stop trying First Amendment liberties with this campus and you’re prepared to suppress message with this campus, you’ve got no right to grumble if someone does it to you personally beyond the fence and beyond the gate.”

It absolutely was an excellent 45 moments, no interruptions, while they arrived prepared for a fight. Continue reading