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Minimal sexual drive in Women in Their 20s: What’s Going On

College is renowned for a number of things: toga parties, all-nighters into the collection, & most notably, setting up. In a culture that is sexed-up of parties, walks of pity and f*ck listings, intercourse ‘s almost inescapable. Then there must be something wrong with you, right if you’re not doing it, thinking about it, or trying to get it (if not some combination of the three? Not too fast. Lackluster libido is not reserved for the– that is menopausal 30 % of women experience issues with low libido, and university ladies aren’t resistant.

The simple truth is, there is certainly an array of factors that affect your libido: anxiety, hormone changes, and losing that “spark” in a relationship that is long-term just some of the normal causes. Continue reading