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The magistrate’s tail: just how therapy dogs assist son or daughter rape victims have justice

Therapy dogs from Top Dogs are decked out as part players within the Krugersdorp Magistrate’s Court to display how court procedures work to kids which have to testify in court. In this picture Flake is dressed up whilst the state prosecutor. (Picture: Wikus De Wet)

The testimony of their eight-year target may put convicted rapist Nicolas Ninow away for a lifetime.

“ All rise,” a sound declares because the magistrate comes into the area.

The Krugersdorp Magistrate’s Court is loaded.

A black colored and robe that is red draped gracefully across the magistrate’s shoulders.

Right in front of her, there’s shuffling as individuals try to sit easily regarding the difficult, wood benches. Then your space falls peaceful in anticipation of the’s proceedings morning.

But magistrate Kleio happens to be sidetracked.

She prevents to sniff the atmosphere. It’s filled up with a delicious, meaty scent.

She spins around, gobbling up a delicacy from an outstretched hand behind her.

Sated and lips smacking, she shifts her focus back again to the matter she’s presiding over — her quick, black end nevertheless wagging.

Kleio is regarded as a pack that is rotating of 15 specifically trained therapy dogs that descend upon the Krugersdorp Magistrate’s Court western of Johannesburg every 2nd Saturday.

She’s no magistrate that is ordinary. Betty dressed since the stenographer. (Picture: Wikus De Wet)

This week, Kleio is flanked by, amongst others: Betty the stenographer, court orderly Peanut, and Flake the prosecutor. Each dog is dressed up in a russian brides costume tailored to your part they accept in mock courtroom procedures. Peanut, dressed whilst the court orderly, lies from the lap of 1 associated with children contained in court. (Picture: Wikus De Wet)

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