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Real tale: we Dated a man by having a Foot Fetish

I am a huge fan of three things: Openness, comfort, and communication when it comes to dating.

Openness, meaning absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing is down limits to speak about, comfort, meaning both parties when you look at the relationship never ever feel as though they’ll be ostracized for having views that change from one other party, and interaction, having the ability to have an open-ended discussion where we tune in to each other maybe not when it comes to single intent behind responding to people terms but understanding them and asking each other to explain ones aim and hear one another down. While i really do think all three are encompassed when you look at the term interaction, I don’t genuinely believe that lots of people consciously use openness and convenience in to the dialogues they’ve along with their partner.

Just what exactly does all this want to do with dating an individual who is into foot? Continue reading