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For purposes of the content analysis, intercourse ended up being understood to be any depiction of sexual intercourse

Only a few product which was taped had been coded. As our focus had been on scripted programming, we excluded news that is daily, game shows, sports shows and activities, and paid development, along with all types of commercials as well as other promotions ( ag e.g., teasers for community programs). Although music videos had been taped, these people were coded and analyzed separately for their unique faculties and are perhaps perhaps not reported right right here. The analyses delivered in this paper, but, do are the nonmusic video clip programming from cable music entertainment channels including talk programs, variety/comedy shows, and reality programs. In addition, suggests that had been incomplete simply because they started before 3:00 p.m. or ended after 11:00 p.m. weren’t coded. Finally, episode repeats were eradicated through the test.

The last sample for the 2001 2002 period contained 1,276 unique system episodes, whereas the ultimate test for the 2002 2003 period included 1,439 unique system episodes. The test when it comes to 2nd content analysis was notably bigger than the initial 12 months’s test that we had three episodes of each nonsyndicated series as we made a concerted effort in year 2 to ensure. Despite strict adherence to your sampling plan, extra taping had been required whenever, as an example, brand brand new shows entered the autumn lineup after the start of year to replace for cancelled programs or as soon as the day and time slot for a set ended up being changed. Continue reading