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Social support systems, hear our cries! Why don’t you all help animated GIFs?

I’ve a challenge and I also understand the step that is first admitting it: i will be hooked on GIFs. We secretly run about three “My response When” GIF blogs (except that We find myself therefore pleased with them We gradually begin sending links of these to buddies). We consistently “read” four to five animated GIF-based blog sites on a daily basis. And yeah … we penned this week that is last.

We frequently think in animated GIF.

It’s the Internet’s fault, actually. A good ago I hadn’t been sucked in this deeply, but within something happened and the animated GIF went from image format of the Internet elite to medium of the masses year.

But there’s a huge, big issue that people aren’t really speaking about.

Why won’t many social websites let you utilized animated GIFs?

While Tumblr is littered it a shot, the format is anything but universally accepted by the Internet – and I want to know why with them and Google+ is giving.

Why can’t we react in a animated GIF to a Facebook remark? At this time, it appears such as this whenever I try and feel all of the emotions in GIF type:

Terrible. Together with exact exact same goes for Twitter – a link that is messy and a barrier amongst the receiver and my imaged response. Continue reading