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How Exactly To Be Much More Attractive To Men, According To Science

Wondering how exactly to become more appealing to guys when dating? All of it boils down to technology. Many of us can’t stay being examined by guys whenever we cross the street or enter an available space, plus some of us type of secretly like it. (personally have a tendency to waver involving the two, with respect to the situation.)

But no matter which side for the fence you lay on, you might be interested to learn there’s a legit reason that is scientific to why dudes provide us with the as soon as over.

Based on DePaul University professor of women’s and gender studies, Dr Midge Wilson, each and every time a guy checks you out, he’s performing a “reproductive fitness assessment”. That means he’s subconsciously scanning you for features that are most closely associated with strong health and fertility in layman’s terms. Continue reading