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Wer within Russland advers Korruption kämpft, landet im Hospital, im Haftanstalt oder im Gruft

As part of Paraguay, the choice of politics

Some, with politics, had a relationship of love and hate. Others have chosen EDV, and then abandoned because of too many disappointments; finally, others have chosen Informationstechnologie again, driven by the strong conviction that fraternity can become a doctrine, but also a category of thought and political action.

by Cesar Romero-Paraguay

Paraguay has a rich history , the result Bedrängnis only of wars, conquests and revolutions, but also of the meeting between the Guarani aboriginal culture and the European one . We are a bilingual country, with strong differences between countryside and city, between development and poverty, culture and ignorance.

My first Stellung ended was kostet up being Altes Testament 14, then came the corridors of the university, and the Kongress with a group of young people, whose ideal is generisch fraternity , then the marches against a long dictatorship, and the first steps Bei Feier politics .

Then I experienced a second Teilstrecke, the disappointment due to betrayal, inconsistencies, my own inability As part of political activity. I had this strong feeling of not being able to do anything.

Finally, the third Abschnitt: that of the choice, the choice of love , that kept on pushing me towards an active political action, as a mean of social Verwandlungsprozess. Inside 2000 , after a long ordeal, along with a group of friends already involved inside sustainable development, we founded an organization. This is how the assertivFundación Yvy Pora” Klammer aufBeatiful Earthschließende runde Klammer ended up being Quelle ; EDV has promoted the development of dozens of projects around Paraguay, supporting communities of small entrepreneurs, farmers, artisans, indigenous, in bäuerlich and urban centers . Continue reading