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This is due to their characters, maybe perhaps not due to their intimate choices.

Right Here, feminine whom’ve dated men that are bisexual just just just what is in reality like. One guy ended up being horrible plus one had been mediocre. It was for their characters, perhaps maybe maybe not for their preferences that are sexual. Used to do inquire about their partners that are past. This can be with straight partners too because I women hella curious and nosy, not because they are bi, female I do it. Continue reading

A big element of this not enough representation could be the misunderstanding… Kalinda’s sex ended up being a shock!

The numbers are troubling enough, but what exactly is much more troubling and telling relating to this list is that the one bisexual character detailed is Catherine Tramell, played by Sharon rock, into the film fundamental Instinct. Tramell is just a hypersexual killer that is serial has quick and empty love affairs with people, which end whenever Tramell murders her fan. The “hypersexual bisexual” or the “confused but really lesbian or gay” characters are simply the only tropes by which bisexual figures are noticed on tv, in films, and, yes, when you look at the theatre.

One could think that with the theatre’s groundbreaking strides for gay, lesbian, and transgender representation into the eye that is publice.g.: The Normal Heart, Hedwig therefore the Angry Inch, Fun Home), that theater would additionally be paving just how for bisexual representation in culture. Continue reading