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“Dating Tips” Words. That Handsome Devil

Individuals frequently ask me personally
“God Forbid, ” they state, “you’re quite the women guy. ”
” just What’s your secret? “

Well, you too may be swimmin’ in women
Afloat in seas of ovaries
But more to the point
once you understand whether behind those pretty eyes
you have got a diamond when you look at the rough
Or contact that is colored, and a rough *whistle* stripper known as Diamond

Lets recreate the scene: make think you are at a dining table chair

Speaking playfully towards the waitress at your neighborhood destination to consume
Method under the apron, Maybelline
Smell of eggs and cheese, bacon oil
she is a babe: an eight at the very least
you wish to push the bowl of quesadillas from the dining table
And spread them angel’s wings
However you can not state a thing?

They sell prescription drugs on television
May cause loss of appetite, malnutrition
Dizzy spells, and different bells will ring in
And that’s where I come in and give ‘em a little extra help to get ‘em if you don’t do well with women

(You can not get)
The truth is self- self- confidence is vital to any situation
(inside her jeans)
all of us have actually insecurities

So just why maybe maybe not create your self- self- confidence in the insecurities of others?
( you do not)
Hey, she is going to *bonk* someone
(Give a damn)
so just why perhaps perhaps not you?

The drunker you may be, the easier and simpler it really is to obtain set
nevertheless the harder it would be to *boink*
You may have to visualize exactly exactly just what it really is this thirty days
Whoever you have been think about: your ex during the Pizza Hut
Midgets, nuns, whatever small neglect it had been
along with only a little time and effort, just a little luck
For those who haven’t quit, perhaps you will get it well

Now a *boink* is meant to be fun
Instant satisfaction, a roller-coaster (whee! )
But nobody would like to get stuck over and over repeatedly
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