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Unfortuitously, Tinder runs underneath the oppressive, hetero-normative assumption

That see your face is likely to be of this sex that is opposite. Tinder matched me personally with a majority that is overwhelming of 100% male matches, despite the fact that we set my preference to “women. ” Whenever Tinder did match me personally with a lady, there clearly was no indicator whatsoever whether that girl ended up being homosexual or simply just additionally enjoyed girls that are mean. Evidently Tinder believes gay women can be simply dealing with a stage, possibly working through some daddy dilemmas, and all sorts of we have to do is glance at sufficient images of males and we’ll provided a get back once again to our God-given spot in the D.

Away from morbid fascination, we developed a Tinder account connected to certainly one of my right guy buddies facebook, and surprise surprise: maybe maybe not really a solitary image of a guy popped up. Not merely one. We sifted for therefore many years in hopes that maybe Tinder really does simply treat everyone just as if their intimate preference is equally unimportant; it doesn’t. Continue reading