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750mg CBD Oil. Natural. 0% THC. Great Peppermint Flavor

Quantity needs to be 1 or higher

Stirling CBD Tinctures are made of the finest U.S. Grown Hemp and so are tested by third-party labs to make sure safety and quality. Our items are Safe, affordable, simple to use, and legal. Stirling CBD may be taken or night day.

Item Information

0% THC, Non-GMO, Natural.

30ml Bottle with 1ml droplet that is measured.

  • 1500mg has 50mg per 1ml droplet
  • 750mg has 25mg per 1ml droplet (displayed Here)
  • 500mg has 16.6mg per 1ml droplet

Tinctures are manufactured with this 99.9%+ CBD and MCT oil.

24-month rack life when protected from heat and light.

Amber container to safeguard articles from Light & UV Rays.

All-Natural Flavor w/ hint of Peppermint Flavor without any Sugar Added.


Hemp extract, MCT oil & natural flavoring – nothing more.


The answer will vary due to your age, weight, medical conditions, and overall health like most medicines.

Using this stated – an amount of professionals in the industry have actually these general recommendations for the person that is 150lb

Overall health: 25mg CBD

Chronic pain, Anxiousness: 25-50mg CBD

Problems with sleep / Anti-Inflammatory: 25-150mg CBD

We realize those who simply take a lot more than the recommended, and folks whom simply simply take less. Stirling’s guidance is always to begin small and work your path up. CBD is wonderful for you using the right dosing.


Utilising the supplied dropper, place the CBD Oil using your tongue (Sublingually) and then leave it here for 30 moments. Swallow the rest or clean it straight down with water. Continue reading