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Bing Reportedly Paid Professors For Favorable Policy Papers

Bing has compensated college teachers to create educational papers that help its views on general general general public policy dilemmas.

That’s relating to a written report by the Wall Street Journal that’s based on an analysis of 329 research papers identified by the Campaign for Accountability advocacy group as linked to Google in some way tuesday.

The non-profit’s research revealed why these research documents, posted between 2005 to 2017 and addressing policy topics like antitrust problems, “were one way or another funded because of the organization,” the Campaign for Accountability published.

Get Information Sheet, Fortune’s technology publication.

The Journal’s report also incorporates e-mails from teachers that highlight a number of the real means Bing (GOOG) looked for to influence their writings. University of Florida legislation professor Daniel Sokol, as an example, had written a educational paper that stated Google’s handling of user data—a controversial issue for privacy advocates—was legal.

Nevertheless, Sokol did not reveal what the law states company he struggled to obtain as a part-time lawyer represents Bing. Also, e-mails uncovered by the Journal show that Sokol evidently asked Google for the money to aid persuade other teachers to create policy papers centered on unspecified patent problems together with A google-backed online meeting. Continue reading