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Pupil Administrative Services Scholar Funding. If you should be cons studentsupport at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Invest the a time period of lack from your own studies or completely withdraw through the University there are many different implications for the pupil money and here are some guidelines that are general.

If you should be remaining in Warwick Accommodation we highly recommend you contact the Warwick Accommodation workplace to have advice about any potential monetary liability. If you should be a worldwide student studying under Tier 4 laws you ought to contact an immigration adviser concerning the implication to your British visa.

Please be mindful, you can retrospectively withdraw your last date attendance will be the date agreed with your department if it has been agreed. It really is this date that will be utilized to determine your obligation for tuition charges and your eligibility for pupil support. If as soon as your retrospective withdrawal was agreed together with your division it is crucial which you contact the scholar Funding group for further advice.

For further advice, contact the scholar Funding team or your capital human anatomy as detailed below.

Undergraduate Students. Contact the learning Student Finance Office on 024 7652 8471 or email studentfinance at warwick dot ac dot uk for further suggestions about the tuition charges you are charged.

Tuition Costs

Take a good look at the Tuition that is undergraduate Fee Policy to find out more.

Figuratively speaking and Funds

  • The figuratively speaking Company will request payment of every funds and upkeep loan for durations you are maybe not completely enrolled as well as in attendance through the scholastic year. Overpayment they will take this from future years’ entitlement if you have a grant or loan. Continue reading