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Someone suggested classes krav magic, others judo and karate.

Here we are not dealing with the output of the needs of wage teachers who in fact should earn more. Here the point is not to solve the problem and escalate tension. PNA hopes that the strike will lead to the destruction of the cabinet of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and political reshuffle. Read more teachers strike is a trap for headmasters and parents has been argued on the resignation of the minister Zalewska. There’s no denying that the educational Solidarity is not satisfied with its działalności.Oceny are dependent on the parties to the dispute. Part unions critical of Mrs. minister.

However, we, as politicians, we have a different opinion. The Minister undertook to Zalewska difficult role, rebuilt confidence in the schools, restore infrastructure deregulated by their predecessors. During the reign of the PO-PSL closed down 2.5 thousand. schools. More than 47 thousand. Teachers then departed from the profession.

Thanks to the policy of the minister Zalewska again hired several thousand teachers. In addition, the school eliminated and restored to introduce these high-tech facilities – eg. Internet access. It’s all an outcome of the current minister. Access to higher wages is also the result of her hard work and hard negotiations with the 2,017 years. 3×5 percent. – such they were the findings and should keep them. I believe that Anna Zalewska is a good minister and too early to draw too hasty negative conclusions.

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