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How come an anal is had by some women fetish?

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How come an anal is had by some women fetish?

Some ladies evidently are fixated and fascinated with every thing anal. Weather it really is theirs being played or penetrated with or them playing or penetrating (with vibrator, strapon or hands) their partner’s. My woman is available in an instantaneous in terms of anal. Weather she’s getting hers used or having fun with mine. Simply the reference to anal play turns her on. So just why the fascination?

An of you women have an anal fetish and wish to share your reasons? Or maybe a guess as to the reasons? Simply interested.

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We have all a door that is back some tend to be more fascinated with it than the others. I do not think sex or gender issues.

I have really met more women that do not enjoy anal compared to those that do.

I do not have a fetish about any of it, but I actually do want it. One sided, just he penetrates. I really do perhaps maybe perhaps not play with their anal area after all. It is simply our thing.

Mileage and all sorts of that.

Really, psychologically, a “Fetish” is really an interest that is sexual strong that the fetishist cannot become aroused or come to climax UNLESS the fetish is current.

Additionally, some plain thing qualify and some do not. A female requiring her clitoris stimulated is NOT a fetish (although Freud could have thought therefore) somebody REQUIRING high heeled footwear near his / her face to become stimulated or orgasm is really a fetish. Continue reading