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Unions have substantial impact on the settlement and work life of both unionized and non-unionized employees.

This report presents present information on unions’ effect on wages, fringe advantages, total compensation, spend inequality, and workplace defenses.

A few of the conclusions are:

  • Unions raise wages of unionized employees by approximately 20% and raise compensation, including both wages and advantages, by about 28%.
  • Unions reduce wage inequality since they raise wages more for low- and workers that are middle-wage for higher-wage employees, more for blue-collar compared to white-collar employees, and much more for employees that do n’t have a degree.
  • Strong unions set a pay standard that nonunion employers follow. For instance, a twelfth grade graduate|school that is high whoever workplace just isn’t unionized but whose industry is 25% unionized is compensated 5% more than comparable workers in less unionized companies.
  • The effect of unions on total nonunion wages is virtually because large as the impact on total union wages.
  • Probably the most sweeping benefit for unionized employees is within fringe advantages. Continue reading