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Intercourse doll or dolls i believe are really interesting. Here’s why; you are able to do whatever you want, they can’t state no.

Intercourse doll fetishists invest hundreds, even thousands on an excellent intercourse doll. Imagine if a woman could be had by a guy whom behaved such as for instance a doll though?

An extremely friend that is good of known as Jeff slipped he had a intercourse doll. He wasn’t concerned i might judge him and proceeded to share with you exactly just what she ended up being like and just how he called her. I inquired why he decided to have the doll over dating a genuine girl?

Blushing, he stated he previously a stocking fetish and also liked buying panties that are dirty and also have his doll (Jessa) put them on. All of the ladies he dated additionally hated anal intercourse, insurance firms the doll he could screw as difficult and violently as he desired without having to be told no. Continue reading