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Those 2 weapon shots give me nightmares still. But, because of the Grace of God…

But, because of the Grace of God, those 2 gunshots are just in my own nightmares.

Possibly he heard my landlords within the unit above mine being released on the porch, seeing me personally in the pub keeping my neck wanting to inform them to phone 911, without any sound being released, then screaming down at him to go out of, which they had been calling law enforcement (I experienced told them once we relocated in only a few times prior that I experienced a crazy ex-husband, these were old-time bikers who joyfully consented to look for all of us), or even he’d a minute of quality, but in any event, I’m sure Jesus ended up being there.

My ex-husband is a sociopath, a monster, a demon when you look at the flesh and I also believe along with my heart he had been effective at killing our youngsters that day. Continue reading