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Just how do Tinder users describe by themselves? Tinder interests

Computer computer computer Software engineer Katie Hempenius (presently doing work for Bing) performed research of 10,000 United States Tinder pages across 22 US towns and towns to analyse just how users described on their own.

Whoever has utilized an on-line site that is dating application will maybe know about the spread of words that commonly arise in terms of Tinder users’ passions are going to be familiar. Particularly the term which comes up oftentimes is ‘work’. ‘Travel’ and ‘music’ are other mainstays, while ‘dog’ is yet another occurrence that is frequent. It appears a somewhat greater proportion mention ‘420’ than ‘God’, for whatever this is certainly well well worth (not too one precludes one other needless to say).

Possibly the many finding that is notable an analysis of the very popular body terms (presumably mostly used to spell it out the user’s own body, though possibly additionally including what interests them in terms of prospective partner’s body), is the fact that ladies have a tendency to explain by themselves much more than guys.

Certainly, truly the only term that is utilized predominantly by males is ‘6ft’. The essential widely used term overall is ‘tattoos’. This indicates a contingent that is small of err towards terms like ‘thick’ and ‘fat’ to describe themselves (some of those terms are solely employed by ladies, while some are utilized mostly by ladies).

‘Hair’ and ‘butt’ are the language closest to equal use by gents and ladies.

Tinder users’ systems

When it comes to terms related to character, we may additionally keep in mind that users may be speaking about potential lovers along with by themselves. Continue reading