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He sighed in annoyance. “I’m just. Only a little frustrated. And also you…” He eyes your ensemble and you frown.

The thing that was incorrect with all the crop and skirt top? It absolutely was hot out. “You seem like this, making little to your imagination. ”

“It leaves plenty towards the imagination! ” You whine, crossing your arms across your upper body, just dragging the top slightly lower on the cleavage. Jungkook groans loudly and grabs your supply, dragging you to definitely the unisex restroom, where he locks the hinged home and shoves you up against the wall surface. You gasp against you and pins your hands above your head; you note his hardness pressing against your inner thigh through his skinny jeans as he camversity free adult chat presses tightly.

“i’ve a really vivid imagination, Jagi. ”

-You’re Killing Me Astro

Touch her

Jimin x Reader x Jungkook smut. We possibly got overly enthusiastic?

It was my first-time composing a threesome like it and oh god i need Jesus, I’m going to Hell so I really hope you guys

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