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How Exactly To Do Harm Control After ‘Accidentally’ Resting With An Excellent Friend

Remember that famous scene in Dawsons Creek whenever Joey and Dawson had been sitting from the swings and gradually leaned in to kiss the very first time, bringing a detailed to years of sexual stress?

Well, luckily for us for Joey, those smiles that are corner-of-the-mouth off, as she and Dawson effectively transitioned their relationship into a relationship.

This is basically the romantic, best-case situation type of exactly what do take place; the choice goes only a little differently.

In real world, you get up in a pool of unflattering sunshine, your phone has 5 % battery pack as well as the only thing that hurts significantly more than your hangover is understanding that youve simply slept with a pal and you also now to need to cope with the giant sex-elephant when you look at the space. Continue reading