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Of Mice and Men. From Lennie stroking his dead puppy within the barn to Curley leading a mob of males to locate and destroy Lennie

It really is Sunday afternoon and Lennie is alone within the barn, sitting in the hay and stroking the dead human anatomy of their puppy. He talks to himself, asking the pet why it passed away: “You ain’t therefore small as mice. I did son’t jump you difficult. ” Worrying that George should be mad and won’t allow him enhance the rabbits on the farm, he begins to bury it into the hay. He decides to tell George which he found it dead then again realizes that George will dsicover through this lie. Frustrated, he curses your dog for dying and hurls it throughout the space. Quickly, however, Lennie retrieves the puppy, strokes it once again, and reasons that maybe George won’t care, considering that the puppy suggested absolutely nothing to George.

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