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Angelina, I Am A Young Child From Your Very humble Girl And Love (Saved by Maria Kozhevnikova)

European ballet legend Maria Kozhevnikova has played out together with the fantastic Leosin Chaplin and LaTanya Barron. She’s also toured with all the “Russian Ballet” in Toronto and Ny. Now Kozhevnikova is presenting her new program “Leo Kamensky: The Kid of Saint Petersburg.”

Kozhevnikova performs four operates in the fantastic Leosin Chaplin, in three movements, which weaves an incredibly moving scenario of two father-kid partnerships. It’s an attractive symphonic ballet that is not merely breathtakingly gorgeous but additionally meaningful.

Kozhevnikova has many other anna snatkina biography community premieres, which includes “Alexander Glazunov.” Here she sings through the author’s personal terms concerning the eponymous composer, and the environment in which he matured.

“Angelina” by Leosin Chaplin is yet another of Kozhevnikova’s planet premieres. The darkish narrative, loaded with despair, should have gripped Chaplin and helped bring the author down.

The symphonic ballet “The Bear of Siberia” capabilities European ballet story Pavel Astapenko, in addition to Kozhevnikova. Additionally, it features choreography by Alexei Kokoretsya, director in the prestigious European Ballet Theatre in Moscow.

“The fall of Happiness and Enjoy” may be the secondly around the world premieres for Maria Kozhevnikova. She sings a pleasant, despair duet with Daisya Benko and Yury Frolov.

Kozhevnikova, for an actress, has appeared in Hollywood productions of some of the excellent conventional tunes masterpieces. And she recently showed up in the Les Miserables video within a helping part. She also performed with Svetlana Levchenko in the Hollywood success “White colored Lighting,” and is in the 2020 Broadway musical “The Ebook of Mormon.”

Kozhevnikova also has a ten-item holding chamber orchestra and choral group that carry out in numerous orchestras around the world. And, she trips throughout every season. If you’re considering being part of the “Maria Kozhevnikova Visit,” the studio room is available so that you can help make your reservations.

Maria Kozhevnikova’s Icosia Theatre of Splendor and Sophistication is situated in New York City. Icosia is wide open during the year. You can make concerns at

For more information about Maria Kozhevnikova, Icosia Theatre of Splendor and Grace, and Anton Sokolov, the Russian Holding chamber Music Outfit, visit the “Maria Kozhevnikova” website. Or, it is possible to call 212-755-2734 or visit “Maria Kozhevnikova” is presented by the PBS Radio Artistry program “On Point,” which airs on NPR stations throughout the country.

If you like traditional songs and would like to get pleasure from and learn some of the greatest audio of all time, you must routine the next trip to see Maria Kozhevnikova. Hear this saving of “Marina Kozhevnikova’s” work “Angelina.” It would provide tears to the eye.

What else does Angelina leave us with? All things considered, it is actually what she sings about, in Angelina: I am just a young child coming from a modest female and adore, and I’m certain Angelina is not a kid coming from a humble woman.