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These form the backbone of your IELTS Task 2 essay.

Appropriate. Now then, given that we’ve got that straightened out, let’s get right back into the subject for today’s guide; subject sentences. TThe subject sentence catches the essence associated with paragraph. It shows your reader for which you intend to get, what’s the primary subject you will write on in the next paragraph? In addition it sets the tone. Now, this is really important. Then obviously you’re going to have a neutral topic sentence if you’re going to be neutral. Then this will also be reflected in your topic sentence if you’re going to be quite argumentative and making a strong claim with strong points.

Now, what’s important in regards to the subject sentence is good people are obvious, succinct, and fairly simple. They even arrive at the idea. Therefore, you don’t need to browse the entire sentence until you may get the feel of this phrase. Now, this can be real for normal academic writing, but IELTS often is not entirely normal.


This is because because whenever you’re writing in IELTS, there clearly was a feature of showing, as we say and not showing to the stage where our company is simply setting up each one of these fancy expressions simply wanting to wow the examiner. No. By showing i am talking about we have to increase the quality and enhance our degree of writing and ensure it is somewhat more advanced.

Therefore, although I just said clear, succinct, and directly to the idea, we should keep in mind we would also like to perhaps introduce some conjunctions where– we would also like to introduce some higher-level kind of love elements or structures, fine? As an example, we may like to place in a combination here where we state a very important factor after which we state, nonetheless, this is especially true. Continue reading